Sprouting Seeds
Debut release by former members of Minneapolis rockmen Retainers. This double A-side from Joust is screaming with galactic sonic assaults and harmonized guitar hooks; riding on a robot jaguar while kicking down the doors of the proto-metal archives and sprinkling in a sense of humor for good measure. Often cited as one of the best new punk bands coming out of the Midwest right now, this one is well worth the price of admission.
300 Copies, Hand Numbered
A-01 Sprouting Seeds 1:53
B-01 Ouroboros 2:00
Empty Heads
Get Real Dumb
First single from Chicago scumbags Empty Heads, a trio sharing members of Hollows, Cemetery, Bummers, et al. They've been kicking around the local scene for awhile now, tearing shit up in a sleazy basement near you. These two lo-fi ragers hit the ground running, leading off with a bit of pop sensibility on the A-side, but coming full circle with raw steroidal blues riffs and screeching vocals on the flip. Pure KBD love.
300 Copies, Hand Numbered
A-01 Get Real Dumb 2:28
B-01 Josie 1:43
Shane Lobotomy
I Can't Help Myself
Our virgin release is a solo debut from Chicago brain burner Shane Lobotomy. This blazer sounds heavily rooted in the supernova of a bad-assery pouring out of Memphis of late, but after being filtered through his own twisted existential lens and amateur studio work, the grainy textures and grimy hooks rattling out of this jangly pair of catchy garage gems makes for an amazing first release to be sure. He ain't no Reatard, but he definitely has enough shit for brains to get the job done.
300 Copies, Hand Numbered, Virgin White Vinyl